Bf109E-4, Yellow 13 of Leutnant Josef Eberle, 9th Staffel/JG54, BoB Gruppe Build...

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Nice subject there Dan and glad to see "HE's ALIVE".Cheers

PS: you SOB's are making me want to jump in here but the Gato is about 80% and alot of work but still?????
ok these are from jagdwaffe Battle of Britain phase one.
captions say it is an 8 staffel machine with white wingtip and rudder segment in white !


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Great stuff guys.... Thanks for taking the time to scan these for me (us) Karl....

Still at a loss tho on what we're lookin at with Yellow 11... If only they had taken the pics with normal black and white film... Frickin meatballs, messin around with history in such a horribly frustrating way...

I think tho u mighta hit the nail on the head T with the off color yellow distemper paint on the wingtips making it look non-yellowish in the pics...

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