Bf109E3, 'Yellow 11', 9/JG54, Waldemar Wubke, August 1940, BoB Group Build.

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As I commented the other day elsewhere, I reckoning on living to 110 so as I can get the stash built and that's only the flying machines.
Well, I have managed to make a start on some of the home-moulded parts required for this build, but obviously, there is no way the model is even going to be recognisable as a model before the end of the GB.
Therefore, I'm going to consider this model withdrawn from the GB, and the thread closed.
I'll open a new thread, either in the 'Start to Finish' builds, or an appropriate GB, when I start work properly.
Shame, as I would have liked to have the two different 'Emils' shown alongside each other for the end of the GB.

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