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Squadron codes could also be T*TS....

My possible 13's for this GB.....

1. Tiedmann's Black 13 is already decided for....
2. Does this look right for Bar's machine from BoB?
3. Might do this on the side, don't want to steal Dan's thunder.... ;) :lol:


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Have to say that Walter-Oesau's Wk. Nr. 1432 in France 1940 is rather tempting too...:oops: :lol: Is this an E-4 or E-7?


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sudden crisis just read the pdf, the spitfire I wanted to do is LO-Q L1004 of 602 Squadron though in my book "the Legendery Spitfire MkI/II" it says that Sqn Ldr 'Sandy' Johnston shot down a He111 H-3 on the night of the 25/26 of june and a Ju88 five days later which is before the date specified and 3 July he damaged a Do17 it says after a year in the frontline L1004 went onto 58 OTU but a year in the frontline would surely take it into the period specified and would still be correct I think, can anyone confirm this please?, otherwise rather then a 1/32 spit it will have to be a 1/72 Hurricane
Well, a year later it would have been June 1941, so yes, it would qualify. Apart from that, IIRC, in his book, Johnstone tells of moving South from Scotland, with his Spit (and the Squadron of course), to take part in the BoB, on rotation. So presumably he used the same aircraft.
Just want to make sure that my bristol beaufighter MKIF of No 25 that where based at North Weald from August 1940 qualifys.
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Sorry, 25 Squadron started to convert to Beaufighters in October 1940, not being fully operational until early 1941.
At the time of the Battle of Britain, they were flying Blenheim Mk1f fighters, on night patrols.
The Beau only just qualifies (but not 25 Sqn Beaus) as it undertook some of the early AI work, in the autumn and winter, outside of the qualifying dates for the 'true' battle period. See the post in the thread 'BoB Bits - Part One, RAF Squadrons' for the full list of all squadrons and units which took part in the BoB.
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The info I found tell me that they got there first beaufighters in september to october 1940. I have many sources telling me this now I'm confused. I'm trying to find the info for the once at Tangmere.
The first Beaus arrived on 25 Sqn in October 1940, but they were not operational on type, as they were still flying Blenheims. It takes time to convert, and the Squadron did not become fully operational on Beaus until January 1941.
The only Squadrons using Beaus operationally in the later stages of the BoB, were the two '600' squadrons, and then mostly after the 'official' end of the BoB, although some ops would possibly have been carried out in late October.
The F.I.U., who were experimenting with Airborne Interception (radar), had some Beaus on strength, as well as Blenhiem F1s, and operated from Tangmere, and other airfields.
Again, I refer you to the list mentioned previously. These are the only squadrons operational in the BoB, and the two units mentioned above are shown. A check of the unit histories will show their bases and aircraft/ops details.
Ow well I can't really find any transfers for 600 squadron one and even if I could at the moment I can't really afford to by any anyway. I was hoping my info was right but it isn't it is only fair.
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Why not just use markings for one of the two squadrons mentioned? That's given the kit is a Beaufighter Mk1.
If not, the GB last four months, so time to get another kit eventually.
Hi Guys,
whilst doing some snooping (very prone to snooping lol) about the RAF battle of britain website and found some very intresting info on the beaufighter.
"Entry into Fighter Command service came during August 1940 with the Fighter Interception Unit at Tangmere. The following month, five squadrons received the Mark 1F equipped with Mark IV Air Intercept radar for night-fighter duties although the type's first kill wasn't until November of that year." That was off this page: The Battle of Britain - Home Page
"Battle of Britain history of No. 25 Squadron.
Aircraft: Blenheim Mk.1F; Beaufighter Mk.1F
Motto: Feriens tego - 'Striking I defend'
Badge: On a gauntlet a hawk rising affrontee. The badge incorporates a previous badge used unofficially by the squadron, the hawk being associated with the squadron's period at Hawkinge.
A reversion to single-seaters came in June 1938 but Blenheims began to arrive in December 1938 and on the outbreak of World War Two were used for night patrols. Later the Squadron re-equiped with the Beaufighter and continued in the night-fighter role."
Hope this helps somewhere XD
good new I have just found some suttable decals to do a 600 Squadron Beaufighter with can't get them right now though but will get them as soon as I can.

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