Hobbycraft Dornier Do-17Z 5K+EA BoB GB

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Dec 9, 2007
Revis Island.
Name: Harrison
Category: 3
Kit Manufacturer: Hobbycraft
Scale: 1/48
Extra's: Scratchbuilt items...thats it. possibly PE belts.

Hi guys,

My first, and sadly this is probably my only, entry is the Do-17Z by hobbycraft. I bought this kit at my hobbyshop a while back and its been sitting on the shelf waiting for this group build. Plan is OOB but the cockpit seats, controls, and what not need to be rebuilt from styrene. This will probably take a while plus I'm starting school during this group build thats why I'm not going to have a bunch of time.


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Thanks guys...started by removing all the pieces for the cockpit and seeing what need work and what needs to be completely re-done
They bought them in anticipation of producing a kit of that invisble stealth thing. But they couldn't see it to take measurements for the plans ........
:lol: Uh the seats are way out of scale now that I look. Building new ones is such a friggin pain!! Especially armor around the pilots chair. The other 2 are somewhat right.
Pictures courtesy of Terry.


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Ok pictures later today.

What I did: The kits seat looks like crap, it has no mountings, is the size for a 1/24th scale plane and is just an overall bad representation. I built my own seat, on mountings with no more than 14 pieces. It doesn't look exactly correct but keeping the KISS principle in mind it doesn't have to be 100% accurate. Pics later.
Good choice of aircraft Harrison. I've liked the Do-17Z since I built the a 1/72nd scale one in grade school. I have the Hobbycraft kit too and gave it some thought as a GB entry, but decided that the cockpit would take too much time as I wanted to try to enter more than one aircraft. Good luck on that cockpit, I know what the kit parts look like!

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