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Okay the Ventral canopy needs some touching up

Also, the picture there doesnt depict it 'fit in' all the way but once I pushed it down theres still a little gap, solutions? Its the kits canopy too so not sure why i didnt fit. I need a little filling in on the glass section I installed but it fit ok

The top canopy needed a 2nd coat


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Good stuff H. The ventral gun transparency won't fit due to paint around the edges - scrape this off, and maybe file back a little of the plastic on the fuselage, and it should then drop into place. Any gaps here, or on the other transparencies, can be filled with PVA and re-touched, like on your P-51B.
It looks okay


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Thanks guys, the main canopy came out alright I guess, not great but not horrible....will add the guns to that and add it on...tomorrow should be the gear.... then Wednesday (as my flight leaves at night) I should do decals that are left and be done with it.
Some nice work there H. Normally, I install my clear parts before painting so all those gaps can be worked beforehand. But yeah, if you have guns that need to go in then that becomes problematic.
Eh see how bad the canopy came out but I'm not going to lose sleep over it...

then you can see the sprayed doors


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