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A reasonably fair review, written in 2006. But, you have to remember this kit is nearly thirty years old, and Hobbycraft were newcomers then. Their kits do tend to be basic in parts, and detail, what there is, minimal and edging towards heavy and crude. However, the outside surface detail and general arrangement tends to be rather good, and the main thing is, once built, given that care is taken, they make nice models. If it looks right, who cares if it's a basic kit? That's modelling - add your own detail, anyone can throw a bunch of pre-made PE parts etc into a kit, but it's not the same as doing it yourself.
The pictures in the review tell their own story - it might have taken work, but it looks like a D017Z to me !
I have to admit though, it is rather pricey today, by current standards, at around £27 in the UK.
Got mine for 15 dollars since the owner of the LHS forgot he had it :lol:

I pulled it off the shelf and said whats the price....

he said give me 15
I'm thinking of joining the fun guys...... where do i sit in regards to entry catagory?? I'm guessing catagory 2 ??

I've always wanted my own 'Stuka' so I have a 1:48 Hasegawa JU 87B-2 coming my way.... now all i need do is find some markings and appropriate decals and i'm in!!!

A bit of finger stutter old chap.......................or did you drop the Glenfiddich bottle on the key board...:p
Pete, the choice of Category is up to you; rank yourself as you see fit mate. Coming soon in the 'BoB Bits Box' will be info on all Luftwaffe units. I'm hoping I'll have time to include some profiles, possibly my own, along with a selection of unit markings, although the latter will probably be in a separate part. I've just posted the listings of Luftwaffe aircraft involved in the Battle.
Help comes by request - Do 17 through BoB :
1st = Do17Z KG3 Stab
2nd= Do17Z KG76
3rd= Do17Z KG76


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Heck, and I spent time scanning and posting pics of KG3 Stab for Harrison's request in another post, and there was a profile on the forum all this time - from our very own Clave!

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