**** DONE: 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I DW-O 610 Sqdn BoB GB

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Let's hope so Terry. Dark earth is now on and curing:


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Thanks Wayne and Karl.

I spent most of last night masking for the Dark Green using Glenn's method since Tamiya include a scale B scheme drawing with the kit. Hell of a job I tell you. Didn't get finished though so maybe tonight.
Hey Harrison, nice to have you back and thanks for the compliment.

Tonight I finished the masking and got the Dark green on, peeled back the masks and am really happy to report that everything behaved and that I'm very pleased with the outcome. A tiny bit of touch uop will be needed as noted below.

First up, I failed to take a pic of the masking before I sprayed the dark green so here's a shot with the dark green on before the masks were removed. I used the same method as Glenn, using the scale drawing provided by Tamiya with the kit and taking a few liberties with the cut out pattern. Whereas I kept the general B Scheme pattern I cut the template with a few more wavey lines to match some pics I've seen.

101025 Dk Green over Mask.jpg

Next up, overall shots of left and right sides with all masks removed. The top sides are painted with Pollyscale acrylics which behaved rather nicely as I think I'm getting the hang of the mix and pressures for these paints. I picked them up at a great sale a couple of weeks ago - 60 cents a bottle. The underside is Modelmaster Sky Type S enamel.

101025 Full View Left.jpg

101025 Full View Right.jpg

Next few shots are close-ups of the codes that I masked earlier. The DW on the left side lifted a bit but it's on the temporary hatch that I stuck in to mask the cockpit so no problem. On the left O, there's a bit of tear-away of the acrylic that will need some dabs of paint and a bit has run under the mask. The right side turned out better with minimal touch up required. Some of the demarcation between the Sky and upper colours will need a bit of touch up as well. These pics were taken right after the tape was pulled off.

101025 DW Left.jpg

101025 O Left.jpg

101025 DWO Right.jpg

The final shot shows the demarcation of the Sky and upper camo at the cowl and leading edge which came out pretty nice.

101025 11 oclock.jpg

So overall, I'm happy with the result and will now move on to the touch up, gloss coat and decaling stage. Some details on the wheels remain as well.

Thanks for looking in and for your continued feedback.
I've determined that a contributing factor was the 40mm Tamiya tape I bought on the weekend. It has a different colour and consistency than the thinner ones I'm used to and tends to tear even with the brand new x-acto blade I was using. The edges of the cuts on the codes were a little more ragged than I was expecting and I was not able to burnish them down easily.
Turned out wonderful Andy! The little blemishes here and there are normal happenings when you do extensive masking like that and are easily touched up. Looking forward to seeing it with a clear coat on it. Are you using Future?

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