**** DONE: 1/72 Fairey Firefly AS5 - Your Favourite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Be careful when polishing I've been trying to figure out this method for ages I spend round 5-10 hours a week trying out diffrent things on spare canopies but nothing ever works, when you wet sand, sand super thinly or you'll create new scratches in the canopy :D We don't have T-cut here in Canada and Brasso is too abrasive if you don't know what your doing with it :D (which I don't :D)
Sounds like you have done very well Michael and you should feel real chuffed with yourself.

For future reference I have found that any form of car polish that helps get rid of the tar splashes or blast dried insects works well on the canopy as a cut back and polish. Used gently on a 'Q' tip Mike both to cut and a clean one to remove the polish and if you have a soft well washed old cotton T shirt, use that as a polishing rag.
Followed Vics advice to finish off what I started on Saturday. The next day fom my big night of polishing revealed that some maks still remained (moisture on the glass at 3am hid some of the scuff marks). I could not find that Future floor wax that terry mentioned, so in the finish used an automotive product called "Paint Doctor". It says its suitable for acrylics as well a enamels and is good for clear finishes. no hydrocarbon or ammonia seemed present in the formula. Tried the stuff on some clear plastic sprue. All good

Have applied the cutting compound (I think thats what it is). it seems to work marvelllously. Not too much work (about two hours), no effect on the surrounding paintwork (there was some loss off paint on the canopy framing, but this is acceptable), no scratching of the clear surfaces...in fact they are sparkling as Terry describes . The clear surfaces of the canopies have come up even better than when I sanded the other night.....not perfect, but a lot better at least

I will try and get some final shots of the build before posting. Ive ordered a cabinet for the model (which is a good sign that finally I am happy to put it into my collection. Case should arrive this week....just in time to meet the deadline.

Thank you so much for the great advice and support guys. i say it a lot, but this really was very valuble and appreciated help.
Just a couple of quick shots of where i am at. unfortunately there was some damege to one of the rounddels, but i can fix that fairly easily....

Still not great, but a lot better amd more presentable than before....


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these are the shots i intend to submit in my "finished' thread


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