**** DONE: 1/72 Fairey Firefly AS5 - Your Favourite Aircraft of All Time GB

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a few progress shots. nearly finished now, but the closer i get to finishing the less happy i am with the finishes. Model loos pretty good until i start taking close up shots with the zoom on....the more detail items i add to the main frame, the more imperfections become apparent....


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I've had many experiences with close-ups revealing things I didn't want to see. On the other hand, tyhey reveal opportunities ot improve. Depends how you look at it.

I like what you've done with the kit - looks pretty good.
It looks very good Michael and I'll chip in like the others, close camera work has it's setbacks but like Andy says, it also helps in highlighting areas we may have missed or that need a little more attention. And we all suffer from that.
Thanks guys. i take heart from the advice and words of encouragement. Viewed with the naked eye, the thing looks pretty good, and I should take comfort from the fact that the Decals are, in the main, home made, and I have an aerial now mounted, which i have never attempted before. With just normal viewing, it looks pretty good, though I am still not really happy with the port wing UN stripes.

For me its a hard choice whether i like the fury or the fierefly better. The Firefly is a much harder build though, I can say....
as long as you have fun doing it it doesn't matter how it looks,with time we all learn and improve,personally i think you have done a good job with both
So how did you go with the invisible thread!

Well, it must be invisible, because its on the model Vic (just kidding around). I found it a bit of a challenge, but once the technique is worked out, not all that difficult. Have a look at the last set of shots....the line is attached, but very hard to see....that invisible thread is very good.

Have repainted the front nacelles and the put filler around the base of the front cockpit canopy. The front canopy was one of those jobs that started well, but finished a bit poorly, because of difficulties attaching PE parts directly onto the clear glas canopy. Is there any way of cleaning excess CA glue off the clear perspex? The stain is tiny, but really noticeable. its right on the top of the canopy. not sure i want to even attempt thjis to be honest
Just a shot but do you clean the model before varnishing it? I sometimes get fine particles of dust traped onto the surface of the model and if I don't give it a nice cleaning with a bit of water (I don't use soap much since it could sink into the paint and degrade it) then the small particles are traped on the models surface and it looks like you did a bad paint job when in fact its just that stupid dust :S

Its looking great so far :) just remember sand it very lightly at first, clean with water and dry carefully with towels, varnish and then relax :) I hope that helps somewhat :)
My rockets have finally arrived. I have converted them to look like Rp-# with 60 lb warheads as I recently found the RAN never fired Napalm rockets. Conversion was easy...simply remove the middle section of the napalm warhead. the overall scale length of the modified part is correct....it needed to be 26mm to be in the right scale.

The photos of the rockets show my mods on the left, and the original out of the box napalm rockets right. Some of the material I removed is in the middle, whilst the launching rails are in the middle


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A further progress shot of the RP project. bottom rocket is basically finished whilst the top three are nearly finished.

from my research, i am certain the RAN had white caps for the noses of their RPs. I have seen a variety of colours for the banding, including none, red, pink, blue and yellow. I dont know what the different colours actually mean, so ive opted for yellow, mostly because they were the only stripes that i had on hand at the time......


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