**** DONE: Fw 190 D-9 1/48 JV44 - Your Favourite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Thanks guys, A4k the plane will do it without further complication that the belts and putting on some cable and the brake not want to detail it affaire much as I have not watched a lot of information to do so, I am very short of time the work has me very adsorbed.

Nice. some progress over the cockpit ready to finish the belts and put in place


the plane hit and to be tamiya this is harsh, lace the tube to tweak them to be half good, even so you shall see as I have much work ls wings.



I did not closer pics later as I show you how the top of the engine cover how badly it fits and everything you put plastic to fill the gaps.
The wing dihedral was about 10 ° lower than it was in reality, you have to tweak the openings of the wheels, but it is not there the profile of binding to the body of the wings is also incorrect since it is about 2 mm lower than the body.


this is how the tube had to leave to the correct position


well I think that all is not bad, although the price could be much better is the model, as I have no idea belted once you put this painting and finishing


A4k This is how you comment and it is what has tamiya that it is mounting uuffff has given me a problem quite clearly, and gave of vallejo plastic putty and sand well because I had to reconstruct the attack the wing edge . detail as acceptable by the limited short but at least in depth.

thanks guys for your words

model like this to go on duty at night gives me much more freedom I have more time and I can go giving hugs and that I have it and so:



Well, now the evidence of the crime of tamiya




here you have two photos showing the appearance that he wanted to give the radiator both the inside and outside, the air intake of the supercharger is still wet and has to dry once it dries you will show how it is, I added a mesh 50 micron stainless light


Neatly done. I think with the area around the gun cover cowl panel, Tamiya are trying to replicate the fact that the panel did sit slightly 'proud' of the fuselage, and wasn't totally flush. from what I remember from building my Tamiya kit, I just thinned down the cowl edges slightly, to give a more scale appearance.

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