Geedee's fave pics

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Great shots, all of them!

The Owl is an excellent shot and lol @ "prop blur"!

I have to say that my fav pic is the Secretary bird photo! Not sure why, but the Secretary bird has always reminded me of a Griffon for some reason.
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Great shots Gary, I agree with you on that lens. I took some shots today and`got a little blur. I might get the same lens or the 250, with IS. Cheers and don't stand to close to those birds with a sandwich in your hand. :D 8)
What an awesome bird, and you can simply tell it has some real power behind those legs!

Thanks for the extra shots!

(And is there any coincidence that such a cool bird like that, is named Dave?) :lol:

Dunno mate...havent seen your legs !:lol:
Great Macros!

I've always been amazed at the strength of Ants...really makes you stop and think about what goes on in thier world.

Glad you made it back from your trip in one peice!

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