Good day chaps!

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Mar 14, 2007
Thought I would post a quick hello after reading a few interestig threads. Pretty amazing site this with some excellent resources.
Anyway, Hello to you all, hope to have some good natters in the future. :)
Thanks Les. Sorry mate was joking a little bit. Had a feeling the rules were based on common decency and common sense to each other any way but have noted down those rules so no worries
Thanks for the Welcome Chaps :) I've read the rules and I've taken note ;)
Are you BS meters pegging Adler?

No not yet. :lol:

Just want to make sure we dont have a military poser again like that other guy a few months ago. To me it is a dishonor to my service and the other people who served.

Not saying this guy is doing that either, just wanting to make sure. That other guy that did that, really struck a nerve with me.

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