Guess what? Im buggering off too!

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cheddar cheese

Major General
Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Im off to Spain tomorrow, so as of tomorrow morning you wont have to put up with my incessant spamming, homo erotic comments or dodgy screenshots anymore! ;) My flight leaves at 10:45am, the airport is 2hrs away and we gotta be there 2 hours before the flight leaves, so ill have to leave at 6:45am at the latest. I reckon that my old Storch shoul get me there in about 5 and a half hours, I wont be stopping for fuel en route, so Ive asked some old friends to help with the mid flight refueling in their privately owned KC-10. Ill take a few pictures, hopefully some when im out paintballing. (I'll still be around for most of this evening though...ill pop back and say turrah when I go) 8)
Glum? Never. I love the Maritime Provinces. Hell, I live in one. :lol:
It's just that one of these summers I'd love to make it up to Hamilton or Trenton to see the aviation museums there, and possibly even...the Mynarsky Lancaster. =P~

It's usually hard for the wife and I to plan long trips like that too far in advance.
Maybe it's the lack of alcohol it turns her into a Mrs. in mind. Or maybe she really is a Mrs. and has been leading lanc on all this time.

Personally, I'm not going anywhere physically but I may just get drunk for 2 weeks and be somewhere else mentally. That said, I have no money so that plan is out of the window.
That's some good talking behind his back there, Adler. :thumbright:

We all know CC is going to get drunk and drown in the sea. Sorry, we all hope...
You've dropped yourself in it now. Now he'll know that you like him. You're in for it, he's going to be coming on to you like no other.
YYEEESSSSS!!! Finally, someone else for CC to come on to!
I was hoping I wouldn't have to let him down gently, but now Psis has solved that for me. Thanks, buddy! :thumbright:


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