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Oct 30, 2006
Sintra - Portugal
I´m here, again, to show some of my models and ask for photos of the Ju-52 nrº 2600 of the "Hitler´s Personnal Squadron", just to finish my model.
Now I stoped until to get more informations and I hope that, someone, send pictures as answer.
(Sorry my english...)


  • A6M2b e Ki-46 III.jpg
    A6M2b e Ki-46 III.jpg
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  • Ar234B-2N e Me262A-2a.jpg
    Ar234B-2N e Me262A-2a.jpg
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  • Do335B-2, Me109 e GEKKO TYPE 11.jpg
    Do335B-2, Me109 e GEKKO TYPE 11.jpg
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  • ju-52%20012.jpg
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  • ju-52%20011.jpg
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Nice work there. I think I might have some pictures of a JU52 used by Hitler, if I can find them. But, it's in camouflage colours, and there is only a view of part of one wing, some of the fuselage and the door, taken from the tail. No markings are visible in the photo, as Hitler and his aides obscure the area of these.
Not to burst anybody's bubble but this thread is 2 1/2 years old and he hasn't been on since March 07. I was gonna post a pic I found on Bundes Archive but.......
Blame Ed :lol:

I never looked at the original post date, still, nice builds!

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