New Years in Berlin!

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Nov 8, 2004
Well this years New Years Party is going to be awesome. Me and my wife along with 2 of our friends are going to Berlin for 4 days to celebrate New Years. We are going to be staying in the beautiful Steigenberger Hotel on the Kurfurstendam and having a really good time at litteraly the world largest New Years Celebration. Here is a basically what the party consists of:

Along one of the world's most beautiful and famous streets, the Straße des 17. Juni between Brandenburger Tor and Siegessäule, each year an outstanding event takes place. This renowned event, which every year hosts more than one million visitors, signals the start of the year 2007.

With more than one million guests, 500 journalists from all over the world and 350 national and international TV channels the New Year's Eve Party in Berlin is one of the world's largest events at the turn of the year.

Two kilometers or an overall space of 80,000 square meters with 3 show stages, 8 video screens, a media centre, 8 party tents, more than 100 food and refreshment stands, light and laser performances as well as spectacular midnight fireworks as the ultimate highlight of the event.

The New Year's Eve Party in Berlin presents you with a varied stage programme of international music stars, famous rock and pop bands as well as live acts. Several DJs supported by TV and radio partners offer permanent entertainment until the early morning tailored to the taste of each age group!

Each year the New Year's Eve Party in Berlin is a unique and extremely impressing event with a very special atmosphere. People from all over the world cheerfully celebrate the turn of the year, and Berliners together with German guests and visitors from all over the world celebrate this extraordinary event in the German capital.

Be part of this unique event!
Here are some pics I found of last years event.


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I think it will be fun. Plus during the days that we will be there I plan on checking out a lot of museums including the 3rd Reich Museum, German History Museum, German Technical Museum (granted I will practically have to run though them all just to get a smackling of them), go and see the Bundestag (rebuilt Reichstag) as well as all the other old relics left over from WW2 as well as the 3rd Reich artistry on the streets and architecture that is still left over as well as the FLAK Tower.

I am going to have to take a lot of pictures.
Nice for you. I am very sad, because we have our 1st anniversary with my girlfriend on 31st Dec (New Year's Eve) and she is in hospital so there won't be anything to celebrate, actually...
what's happening to her in hospital on new year's eve? because what's to stop you taking in your own gear and have a little celebration by her bedside? then promice her the time of your life when she gets out ;)

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