Pix from my neighbour................

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Here I took some pictures in my Neigbour - Letnany. The quarter consists of 1/5 of the original part of Letnany (where I'm lucky to live at) (see the villa picture) and the rest is a fucking freaking grey concrete ugly ghetto........................... (see the rest)


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Man I would love to give that old multi story house a good cleaning and paint job ~ with the flower boxes......
Ah mine niether..... and we have also Tesco, Globus and Lidl here. You know, suburb.......


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All the Tescos, Lidls, Reals, Intermarches, Leclercs, Auchans, Leader Prices... They're all here, in Gdansk... bleeeh...

(I'll try to make soon some pics of my neighbourhood ---> nowadays quite colorful.)
we dont have that here.

CC, tesco here's among the most expensives - much cheaper are chains like Globus, Lidl or Delvita. The most expensive one is Julius Meinl.
we have a Wally's super store which is nothing but crap, no pants no shoes no service.........hey that is common, my point is that sucker is the size of a oversized football field, and you can't find anything fast and no help whatsoever. have already put out of business several ma/pa grocery stores...........yeah u can't beat the prices, more like can't beat the system. Walmart is a monster here in the states
Walmart is a monster...? Reminds me of Biedronka in Poland. Treats workers bad and sucks! And by the way, biedronka is that small red flying animal with black dots ---> quite a stupid name, isn't it?
toffigd said:
Treats workers bad and sucks!

Bit like my Saturday job then. Mind you, I do have the 6,2, short dark haired, and slim as a china doll, Polish co-worker to compensate.

Many young Polish people are now arriving here to work, and all the girls (see above) I've seen are stunning - but they all have boyfriends! :evil:

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