1/72 Stinson/Vultee L-1 Vigilant - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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geo thanks

As I said the project would go slowly but surely, painted inside and finished assembling the structure I have completed the top so there is only paint and drop panels to close the cockpit ......


no ahi de que mi amigo.

there not that my friend.

the structure is easy to make the coverage after making the transparent, all glass is complicating something else, but do not think much, I'm testing to verify that glue does better and if possible make it transparent to applying heat thus giving the way I want to clear according to each party, thus avoiding to have to put more weight on the structure, which is strong but to a point because the ABS plastic which is made with is flexible but no glue to withstand mechanical stress breaks and falls off.

a question that whenever I try to write not as they say here in Spain to pexiglas cabin cockpit is called in English but this term is the cabin, and not as stated in the pexiglas English or any term tuiene more expecializado if you can tell me what you appreciate what they do not like to always put transparent crystals or that part of the cockpit.
unfortunately had an accident, my daughter playing with the dog we have is corn on the box it was the model with the misfortune that the coup was to stop the sensitive part of the device, so I got to rebuild the whole network again tube that carries cockpit'm not a healthy one, so what I have so far:


unfortunately faileth not sure this plane before termination finish within so doing it fails to go slowly because if it took me the first time now that is where I made some mistakes and do better the rectify some things more.

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