11th September

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2nd Lieutenant
Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Today it's the fourth anniversary of the horrible event. S! to the victims, hang for the terrorists!
i remember coming home from school as well, i remember being annoyed because it was being shown on 3 channels, kinda makes me feel stupid now.......
Alot of good people were lost that day. It was a tragedy that will be in our memories for as long as we live. Like some events in history, I think we all remember where we were and what we were doing when we got word that it had happened. God bless the victims and the families. We will never forget.
I just saw the show called "Flight 11" which was screened on Czech TV1 - a reconstruction of hijacking the 737 of American Airlines by the Muhammad Atta group. Dam bastards, it again made me agressive!!! :evil:
I was on my way to dentist when I first heard about it. Tragic...the event and the dentist visit.

Never forget. :salute:
I remember I was at the Hanger preflighting an aircraft to go fly when our commander came and said all flights were canceled. We had a formation and they told us all about it. After they would not let us leave the Hanger except to go in groups of 5 to the Chow Hall to eat and come back. After about 8 hours of sitting in the hanger they let us go home but we had to pack all our bags and be ready to leave on a 6 hour notice. We were banned from going off post onto the German Economy for about 3 days unless you lived off post (I was not married yet and lived in the barracks). I remember I was out of cigarettes and the shopette and PX were closed so me and a friend snuck off and drove his car down to a local German bar to buy some cigs and I remember it being on TV there and we were in full combat uniform at the time. A old German lady stood up with a tear in her eye and hugged both me and my friend. It was a terrible night.
I was at sea. The news was followed by shock and then non-stop combat readiness drills. We were just waiting to be ordered to a US task group somewhere. That came a bit later.

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