AIRFIX 1:48 Spitfire PR.XIX Kit #A05119

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Thanks gents. While waiting for glue to dry, another conundrum. Looking at Evans photos and the box art, I see this antenna on the box art photo


but not in Evans photo


It is also shown in the photo Wojtek posted



Airfix doesn't include it and I'm starting to make one. So, whaddaya think, should I carry making it as shown in two photos or no, as shown in one photo

Geo .. IMHO Evan's photo was not colourized only but also retouched. It is a collage with a model of the kite merged into. All images of the PS888 taken at the same location and the other ones show the antenna dome there. Please see the enlarged shot of the colourized image at the bottom. Can you see the dark grey area (shade) behind the fin leading edge? I'm sure that's the remnants of the orginal picture that was retouched and used as the base. Look at the guy behind the plane .... it is the same one you can notice in the fourth pic posted below. Additionally please make a focus on the area seen under the fuselage and the inefficient attampt to add the background and the shadow of the plane on the ground. BTW ... the shadow of the aircraft on the ground doesn't fit the direction the sunlight was coming from and the way the Spit is parked as well . Also please pay your attention to the tail wheel section and its shape. About the lack of the continuity of the background below the Spitfire nose ( between the prop and the carburetor air intake ) and the strange looking shadow of the main landing gear I don't mention. For comparison I attached the enlarged parts of the origal pic that was the fourth one seen here in the post. Generally it can be noticed that the colour shot is a fake one at many areas. I think the plane in the discussed shot is the Airfix model in 1:48 or 1:72 scale because both of them don't have the antenna bulge there. The 1:72 scale kit is very likely because there is no the small scoop at the top fuselage behing the rear cockpit window added. The 1:48 kit has the scoop included. Anyway the image is quite popular and may be found on many web sites. What is more the picture is used for a top box of the Jays Model Kit model no. JY0110.





The pic source:



Gentlemen, we have a Spitfire.....


Apologies for the background. I'm almost over one of the nastiest colds I've ever had and the lawn needed cutting badly; almost stroked out and too lazy to change colours. I've also completed the tiny antenna and once my eyes refocus, I'll attach it
Hey guys!

Sorry, lost the net for a few days, so just reading these posts now.

FIrst of all, Great spotting Geo with that aerial! It is definitely visible in the shot of Uncle George and Tex Bainbridge standing in front of her, after painting 'THE LAST!' but something has definitely happened to that colourised shot I was allowed to post! I would definitely go with the original B+W version of that Wojtek posted (which I don't have a copy of myself).

Wojtek beat me to it with the 3 quarter rear view of her, showing the way the MSG meets the PRU Blue half way up the fillet. Incidentally, if you look closely, you can see Uncle George actually painting the slogan - he has got as far as 'THE , and is contemplating where to start painting the rest :) I have a close up of that scene which shows it much clearer.

Based on Wojtek's correct (IMO) opinion of the retouching, I am reappraising my own opinion on the u/c leg and cover colour, and after rechecking photos, I now think they may have been PRU Blue, like the Swedish Air Force museum example, with the difference that PS888's wheel hubs are natural magnesium on the outer face, and natural magnesium rims with darker (PRU Blue?) drums on the gear-door facing sides.

Hope this helps in some way, and hope you're feeling better Geo - and THANK YOU to both you and Wojtek for helping me to correct my own knowledge on her!

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