AIRFIX 1:48 Spitfire PR.XIX Kit #A05119

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Perhaps the colour of the control unit box depended on the manufacturer and the type it was of. But the most popular colour seems to be the grey.


the source: Spitfire PR.XI question


the source:


the source: the net.
Thanks Vic. Attached the clear perspex tube behind the seat which was a right self inflicted pain in the keester. Still need to attach the support rod and then I can button this up.


Most other builds show this tube as black or grey-green but here is a caption from the IPMS site Evan mentions above.


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Thanks Hugh. For some reason, Airfix never included the trim wheel in this kit and believed me, I looked hard at the instructions and sprues. So I takes a measurement off my new Spitfire kit and using my trusty circle cutter and some plastic card, voila....


Its probably a bit far back but at least it is now a representation. I also noted while editing that it was sitting on the rail so I pried it up
EVAN!!!! A4K A4K Buttoned up the fuselage and was looking at the camo scheme to figure out paint sequencing when I noticed a large discrepancy between the instructions, the box art photo and Evan's photo. The instructions are a given once Evan posted his photos so here are the instructions. Note the PRU Blue encroaching the wings. Also note that the MSG does not wrap around the wing leading edge as per Evans photo (always trust a photo)

Next we have Evan's photos. Note now that the MSG is now on the wing fillet.



And now the kit box art. This seems to show that the MSG on the fillet only goes back to the first panel line

So my proposal is to bring the MSG up to the wing fillet as shown above and on to the wing as shown below. What say ye?


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