AIRFIX 1:48 Spitfire PR.XIX Kit #A05119

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Thanks guys. Exhausts are done. Working on the little things. I.P. is still a work in progress but looking for info on the rudder control rods that run under the seat. I have seen three variations: grey green as my initial base coat, brass added, aluminum added, brass and aluminum added as shown


Packing day so not much more will be done other than some touch-ups on the I.P. itself. Camp bus in four hours. Have a good week gentlemen
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.... like here in the diagram. IMHO the brass is the modern modification to make the movement of the rudder actuators more smooth. So generally ... parts that were fixed painted with the cockpit green while those that could move, stayed unpainted and were of the material colour these were made of.

Looking good Geo, and you're right, not much below the seat will be seen, especially as the PR.19 didn't have a door.
One small point - the camera control on the top of the instrument panel had a mid-grey body (see pic below), and was mounted as you have it.
have a safe trip and trouble-free stint at camp.

Camera control 2.JPG
It's a start!

Yep :)

Got this far when holed up with Covid last year, all but 2 of my Griffin engined Spitty's. (All 1:72 of course)
The 4th, 5th and 6th from left are the PR.XIXs.

I'll set up a start to finish thread for this lot.


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I always had a good memory for kit parts Vic, just the rest of my life I keep forgetting :)

The kits are mostly using mixed and matched parts, depending on importance.
With the PR.XIXs for example, Uncle George will get the most accurate, which so far is a mix of a Fujimi PR.XIX base kit, with Eduard Mk.IX cockpit floor, IP, etc (+ mods), and Pavla resin sidewalls... a few details still need to be scratchbuilt too.
OK, went through a couple of books and in the PR.XIX book there is a black controller in the right location, is not a camera controller but a modern radio channel. controller. To be fair, I could only see the right ¾'s of it and it was a small photo. So, in accordance with Terry's photo I did a repaint. Thanks Terry


Speaking of colours I couldn't find anything definite to add. I have four PR.XIX IPs and all are different. With regards to that yellow blob, I have an IP with no yellow, one as shown, one with a yellow blob to the right and one with a yellow blob above but not exactly represented by this IP. I could have sworn the knob on the right below the IP was brass coloured and the lever/switch on the left to be silver. Getting ready to attach everything to the right fuselage halve but have to add the rear seat harnesses first
This is the IP of the example on display in the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linkõping. (ex- RAF and Indian Air Force; all original Swedish examples were scrapped)

Photo courtesy the IPMS Stockholm website.

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