**** DONE: JU87B-2 'Stuka', II./StG 1 (III./StG 51) August 1940 Bob GB

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Apr 7, 2010
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User Name: Peebs
Name: Peter
Catagory: 2
Scale: 1:48
kit manufacturer: Hasegawa
Model: Junkers JU87B-2 'Stuka'
Additions: Quick boost gun set, Eduard PE kits, Home Made decals(I hope)
Markings:* 6G+AD, II./StG 1, August 1940

* III./StG 51 was redesignated as II./StG 1 July 1940 and carried the old StG 51 markings for most of August, or so I've read

Pilot: Gruppenkommander Hauptmann Anton Keil, Keil was awarded the Knights Cross on 19/8/40 and remained gruppenkommander of II./StG 1 until KIA on the Eastern Front 29/8/41

The info I've managed to find here suggests the 6G+AD was posibbly grey as per the 'skin' below, the B&W photo seems to show all markings the same colour but any information is most welcome!!!






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The Kit and Extras...






p.s. there are canopies, i forgot to photgraph them DOH!
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I don't trust skins - look how many mistakes they made with the codes and markings in comparison with that photo, for example... good luck with the project though!
I can see in the photo as compared to the skin that the swastika is not in the right place, and there is no unit insignia, Stg 51 carried this one..


which i hope to replicate and posistion as per photo

Nice choice, and a good looking kit. Not sure those codes are grey - could be light green. I haven't found any pics to compare yet, but I'll let you know if I come up with something.
Actually Terry having re- read the little bit of info that suggested grey it also says the codes could be light green.
Been looking through 'Luftwaffe Colours 1935-1945", By Ullmann. the only green I find in reference to Markings is RLM 25, which appears to be an emeraldy sort of green for want of a better description, would this green be correct given how 'bright' the markings appear in the b&W phot posted above?
I reckon they will be. The colour was one of the standard set used for ID markings, and the only other tone which comes close in the B&W pic is yellow, and I very much doubt they were that colour.

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