**** DONE: JU87B-2 'Stuka', II./StG 1 (III./StG 51) August 1940 Bob GB

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Been a busy few weeks here, finally had a chance yesterday to get to work on the Stuka!

The quick boost replacement machine gun barrel



First ever attempt at home made decals. Used Bare Metal Foil's 'Experts Choice' decal paper for ink jet printers. Its quite a bit thicker than kit supplied Decals but I'm pleased with the result. Googled for a WWII German font, then experimented with size until I matched the kit supplied letters for size.

I went with the green, most of the documentation I could find suggested the lettering was not the standard black, but rather grey blue or even green. I've seen 'skins' depicted both grey and green, as Keil's identifier was a Green A, I went with that.

I had the colour matched to the stripe on the nose cone pretty good, a bit darker once in place.... can't win em all!

Still to place the III/ST.G 51 emblem Ialso made up

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Nice one mate. That's the decal paper I've been using, and it's quite good. It's not as thin as some commercial decals, but thinner than some kit decals, and good enough. Just a pity that inkjet printers can't give a better colour density, but I've sometimes painted over 'thin' areas when space allowed.

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