**** DONE: JU87B-2 'Stuka', II./StG 1 (III./StG 51) August 1940 Bob GB

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Hey Gang,

Back from a weeks R n R in far north Queensland...

on the home straight now...... hopefully finished in the next few days


p.s. Vistied the B-24 Liberator restoration project which is only 5 mins from home here.... had a heads up from one of my fathers friends who is a volunteer there that they were going to run the twin wasp they aquired from New Zealand sometime over the past year.

Very impressive nice n loud, especially ther backfire on start up of the second run. restoration is 10 years on, estimated 5 more years till completion

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Pretty much done!!!
A quick Q, do i post the final pix here, or do i need to start a new 'finished' thread??

You could post, say, one shot here, just to finish the thread, if you want to, then start a new thread, with 'Finished' at the beginning of the thread title. Post the six required pics, with up to four additional pics of your choice (of the model that is, not some bird on the beach !!)
ok, all done!!!

Is this picture to dark, should I re take them before i start a 'finished' thread???


Not sure about birds on the beach, but I did manage to pull the local birds up in Far North Queensland

That's a nice looking Stuka Pete and the picture is great but I would recommend just a touch lighter. :p :p :p

Me too ! Maybe we should have a 'Bird on the Beach' Group Photo Comp ?!!

Birds on a beach in England....................get out the cold weather gear..................
I'm liking it.

Pete walks into a bar. The bar tender takes a look at the parrot and says "Hey, what's that?" The parrot says, "I don't know but yesterday there was a pimple on my butt and it grew onto this!"

Sorry, couldn't resist. Love the Stuka Pete.
Agree about the pics, and wrong type of bird!
Vic, on the beaches here they have to wear thick, quilted bikinis - spoils all the advantage of the cold weather !

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