**** FINISHED: 1/72 Defiant 264 Sqn PS*V

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A fine build build there Bill and that detail in 1/72 :shock: better you than me.:thumbleft:Cheers
I have finally gotten to the stage I can read without wanting to projectile vomit, and read without falling out of the chair. I sit here in the hospital, with tubes and bags, having little morphine dreams. Finally able to check the forum to see if I have done okey dokey.

Thanks for all your positive replies. Color of top roundels blue is much darker, the color of the flash lightened them a lot. Shiny, yes a bit too shiny, and I've got the heebee jeebees from this surgery and I don't think I want to bugger it up trying to correct it at this point in time. By "first" build I mean first complete to scale while trying to be competition accurate, and I have enjoyed doing it for this GB.

A few more days in hospital and then home to look over the Commonwealth project.

Glad to hear all well Bill, you must be recovering, your hitting the keys and thinking Commonwealth. Stick with it mate and here's to a swift recovery.
That's good, the RAAF represented which is also my theme but I'm going huge with an RAAF PBY-5a Catalina, a monster in 1/48.

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