**** DONE: Defiant 264Sqn PS*V 28 Aug 1940 BoB

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
What happened?
I had the plane sitting in the cup, applying the decals on the side, reached Over it...... A bloody NO NO.... brought my hand back and pulled the cup over...... between my legs it dropped..... pulled me legs together to stop it hitting the floor..... Bang, crushed it.
Have finished the decals, all but serial number.
Pinned the gear legs, just like the pin in one of my own legs, motorcycle!
Seems to be setting up OK. Serial number, some touch up in the paint and I will be done.
Tank Gott..............

I wish I had a cat to blame it on!

Vic Balshaw

Brigadier General
Jul 20, 2009
It's always a bu**er when you're always so careful and then one little laps of concentration and your world collapses...............or so it would seem........................brilliant recovery though Bill.


Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Well it's bl**dy done. I can put up my "done" thread. I can have this damned operation and not worry about finishing on time as I will be in the hospital a week before returning home.

To be honest. this is the first plane I have finished in it's entirety...... and it feels dogone good. I hope it pleases the audience.

Just Plane Bill


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T Bolt

Mar 24, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
Really beautiful Bill. Good luck at the Hospital. Take it easy and rest up, the next GB is right around the corner!

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