**** DONE: Defiant 264Sqn PS*V 28 Aug 1940 BoB

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Yous guys comes thru again!!!!!!

Add...... two sheets of decals coming, code letters ans serial numbers...... My supplier comes thru again.
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Bugger, until the "dissapearance" of my BoB GB thread is resolved, or I have to make a new thread, I will post my repaint of the build here. The story goes. I had some of the paint at the sides at the belly dissolve when trying to touch up from peeling when I removed the tape dividing the sky belly from the camo. So I have had to do a total repaint. I took the opportunity to lighten the colors but used the air brush to paint the dark green so the edges are soft this time round.


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So today I am taking my kit plan sheet in to work to scale up to use as masks, as T Bolt did his Spitfire. That is brilliant.

Did the scaling up today......... work is interfering with my hobby.... want to get the paint squared away before the 25th, in fact have to finish by the 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Must have been that guy with the invisible pictures..................

I never gave that a thought..... but I am now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I will re-post some of the steps I have taken to get where I am now. You will notice how Bad the re-paint is, and the reason I am re-painting........ yik.

My next post will be the final painting as T Bolt showed in his thread, which will make a world of difference... Thanks to him.


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Just returned from a few days R&R in the Blue Mountains and we had little flurries of SNOW!!!!!!! It was a beauty weekend. Needed that. Now have to finish this krate before Monday. Here are the pictures of my final re-paint. I am very pleased with the results to say the least. Tomorrow I will have to do the underside. As I stated before I added some white to these colors to tone them down. I am on track again after the disaster of the tape pulling paint off.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement.
Everything can now come out of the box!


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