Bf 109E3 Yellow 15 3/JG52

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Dec 11, 2007
Username Magnu
Name Lewis
Catgory Intermediate
Kit Academy 1/48
Extras Aries resin cockpit, Vacform canopy, Xtradecal BOB 70th anniversary set

Bit of a slow start on this GB for me but things have been manic at work lately. I hope to get at least one more 109 in but time will tell, would rather make a good job of this one than do a rush job on both.
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Nice! There's certainly going to be some variety just in the '109s. There's some good stuff coming out, but still light on the bombers so far.
Cool paint scheme. I'll be doing the exact one eventually. I'll be interested to see how this one comes out.
Couple of progress pics. Resin sidewalls in, these had to be glued to the fuselage sides as they both snapped when being trimmed up hopefully this won't show up too much when the fuselage is joined. I have also trimmed back the armor from the kit to allow the resin replacement to fit. Seat and floor painted and weathered, just have to paint the harness, although some fool has glued a joystick in the way.


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