Bf 109E3 Yellow 15 3/JG52

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That was a bit of a sad tale with the dogs and Cat Lewis, but my what a recovery, I've only just got mine out of the box and washed today.
Thanks for the kind words folks.
Managed to get a bit more done. Not had the chance to get to do a lot on it lately but am still making progress.
Masked off the white ID areas and upper fuselage and shot a coat of RLM 65 which have shown up a few areas that will need to be smoothed out to hide the joins. Also added some brakelines to the oleos.


Nice progress Lewis, hope you can get the joints sorted, although they don't look too bad, apart from maybe a bit of work around the gun port panels.
Thank you kindly gents
Got a bit more done tonight sorted out the seam along the underside of the fuselage and filled the gaps around the gun port panels, redid the RLM 65. Then masked off the leading edges of the wings and tail planes and gave the top a coat of RLM02.
Painted the spinner half RLM 70 and put the wheels and gear doors onto the oleos.

Looking good there Lewis :thumbleft: Don't you just want to rip that tape off and see the end result?That is the part I hate waiting for all the paint to dry and you still have more paint to lay :lol:
Few more progress pics. Took the profile into work and enlarged it to the right size on the photocopier then used that to make the masks for the RLM 71. Once I sprayed that it was time to see what it all looked like. A few touch ups here and there especially with the RLM 65 on the leading edges as it is a bit too wide but on the whole I am quite chuffed with the result.


Looks great Lewis, nice job. See what you mean about the RLM 65 on the wings. When it was wrapped around (if it was in fact RLM65, and not the elusive grey diffuser or whatever), it tended to be level with the tops of the cannon ports.
I tried to tidy up the leading edges with a brush to save on the masking but wasn't really happy with the results, too much colour difference between the brushed and airbrushed paint so I remasked the RLM 71 and sprayed the RLM 02 going right up to the leading edge and at the same time made a start on the mottling.Just waiting for that to dry and will do the same with the RLM71.I will do the RLM 65 over the LE last.


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