Bf 109E3 Yellow 15 3/JG52

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Thanks all.
Yes Terry it had 2 brush coated doses of future before the decals went on, I have now done the exhaust and gunport stains and given it another coat which fingers crossed seems to have cured the silvering.
Thank you kindly gents I have just about finished this one now all the small fragile bits are on, big sigh of relief after rescuing the pitot tube from the carpet monster. After removing it from the sprue while holding on to it I decided to hold it in the tweezers instead of trying to hold it. As soon as I took hold of it, it pinged away after searching for it for ages I gave up and went downstairs for a coffee and a smoke. Came back up and spotted it straight away.
After deciding that the engine cowl was going to stay in place I filled the gap in the seam with white milliput. I may decide to put an ariel wire on if I feel brave enough and add a mirror to the front of the canopy.
Meanwhile here are some pics to be going on with








Very nice Lewis, would be good if you do pluck up courage and add the aerial, it would be a nice finishing touch.

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