Planes that look the part:thugs,brutes,killers.

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Jan 18, 2007
In the bleak Mojave des.
List AC you think look as fearsome as their roles imply,
Here's a few to start, Bristol Beufighter; ugly plane, ugly name.
Hs 129; it's built by a company that makes tanks, for cryin out loud.
A 10 Warthog;nuff said.
CR-32 - it looked like an Italian Boxer!

Typhoon Mk I and Mk Ib:

Mk I because it looked like the hunchback from hell.

Mk IB because, although a little more elegant in sihlouette, it had four whooping great cannon sticking out of the wings. Angry indeed.

Su-25: a plane that was just meant to have a sharkmouth painted on it

F6F: "A size 10 plane for a size 6 pilot" was how my grandfather (who briefly crewed on B-24s in the PTO, before transferring to the engineers) described it. Same thing for the P-47 I understand. One British wag, when asked how he made evasive manouvers in a beast that size, said "Simple, you unbuckle the straps and run around the cockpit!"

Short Sterling: Possibly the ugliest front line bomber of the war (its a three way tie with the He-177 and the Farman F222) for some reason the design just screams "I'm coming to kill you with big bombs" to me. Honourable mention to the Cant Alcione trimotor, which looks like a cross between an anteater and a crocodile.
Ugly - Any plane made by Blohm and Voss, P-40 without the shark mouth. It just looks naked without it.
Brute - P-47, Typhoon,
Killer - B-25 that had 8 fixed machine guns in the nose, 4 more on the sides, and 2 more in the dorsal gun. That would punch a hole in anything
F4U loaded with rockets. Gonna shoot up your airfield, and then we gonna
shoot you down. Someone is gettin' hurt.
can't agree with the spit she's far too elegant, she's more of a sexy seductive lady that kills you only as a crime of passion or through an overly violent sex act :lol:

otherwise yes the P-47, Tiffy, EF Typhoon, Fw-190A, I-16 and SR-71 all belong in this catagory............
De Havilland Mosquito Fighter / Bomber variant.

With style, elegance, and speed it WILL blow you up, and then chop up any pieces left.
Me-323 (Gigant) and C-5 Galaxy, Large lumbering transports that scream size and transport capability. Also require a lot of maintaince work on their engines.
No aircraft of WWII said 'it's over' like the B-29.

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