German language question.

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Dec 9, 2007
Revis Island.
Hi. I was wondering if German vocabulary and the language itself is easy to learn? I will be in high school next year and I am sick and tired of Spanish. I want to take German and was wondering how it is?

German's quite a "regular" language but there are a whole lot of rules to learn - e.g. genders and cases affect word endings both of the qualified noun and also any adjective used to describe it. Word order can also be fun in that the verb often comes right at the end of the sentence - e.g. ich bin im Wald spazieren gegangen = I in the wood for a walk went. They talk like Yoda.

IMO it's not the easiest language, and unless you're doing it for the pleasure of it (and there's not much of that) there's not much usefulness as only the Germans and Austrians speak it and most of them speak English anyway, in business at least. Have you thought about Italian? Very similar structure to Spanish, quite easy to get the hang of and the chicks dig it (trust me, they do!) :rolleyes: :lol:
If you plan on using it and traveling, you cannot go wrong with Spanish - esp since you already speak English. But I have to admit I found German was more "logical" then French.


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Harrison-I tried Spanish, then settled on German because it was so much easier. Simply put, there are zero exceptions in German. Once you learn the grammatical rule, then you are done.
German is actually not that difficult. It is very similar to English. There is a reason for that though. English is a Germanic language.

As others have said though, it has some things that are difficult. The genders and cases can be difficult. I have been speaking German fluently for over almost my whole life and sometime I get the articles and cases mixed up.
Bit of advice...I believe that if you really want to learn a foreign language then you must use it in every day life. After learning German language for almost 10 years in school, but not using it at all after that, I forgot almost everything. On the other hand I started learning English only in high school and even then only as a second language. However, by using it every day since I started university, both in my studies and other things (internet, cable TV, comics and books, etc) I came with it to this point where I'm now...

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