**** DONE: 1/48 Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina Commonwealth GB.

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I'm somewhat staggered by the responses guys, thanks very much. Haven't progressed very much, kind of got stuck on the beaching dollies, made a set yesterday but to be honest even James May would have rejected them as 'Tonka' toys so they were consigned to the bin this morning and the rest of the day spent designing and working out on a new set. Should have a pic or two tomorrow.
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Thankyou Glenn, much appreciated and for Wayne, Terry and Bill, here are the improved beaching dollies and the tail support tripod.







These six pics show the two dollies, believe it or not, port and stbd. Each one is made up from 28 component parts mostly Evergreen plastic, sprue and varying bits of wire with the axel strengthened by a brass wire insert. The wheels are from the scrap box with a card insert to make the appear fatter.



The tail support tripod is again made basically from Evergreen rod or angle with wheels from the scraps box and was made from 18 components.


Here is the complete set of beaching wheels which are now in the queue for painting.
Some real nice work on those dolleys there Vic now to catch up on the rest :thumbleft: Cheers
Holy Hippocroccofrogs Batman! Have you got the Elves Engineering Echelon working for you Vic?!!
That's brilliant work mate, really fantastic stuff!
This is going to be a stunning model methinks!!
Thanks guys and once again I have to say how overwhelmed I am with your support and the interest being shown in this build. Nothing to show tonight as I kind of got sidetracked, I intended to spend time just doing the detail painting but realised that the kit though having plenty of armament, there is not one ammunition storage box or shelf. This has now been rectified and I've also added some extra detail in the anchor stowage locker and I have also started on the water tanks. Hope to have pics tomorrow.

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